Free LGU Personnel Management Information System

QPMIS – LGU edition is a complete human resource information system solution customized for Philippine local government units.

Main features of the system are as follows:

1.      Manages the Personal Information of Employee – holds all the basic information of employee such as: personal information, family background, educational background etc.

2.      Monitors employee performance

3.      Provides monitoring of Leave of Absence

4.      Manages salary increment of employee

5.      Manages annual gross income of employee

Available Reports are:

1.      Personnel Data Sheet

2.      Inventory of Personnel

3.      Inventory of Personnel per Department

4.      Celebrant of the Month (Birthday)

5.      Candidates for Salary Increment

6.      Candidates for Loyalty awards

7.      Personnel Movement

8.      Plantilla

9.      Service Record

10.  Employment and Compensation

Security Features:

1.      Basic Audit Trail

  • Track all activity conducted on the system

2.      User Access Level

  • Administrator – Has access to all features of the system
  • Employee – Limited access.

3.      Standard Login

  • Requires username and password
  • Allows the admin to change the password

PMIS is programmed using Visual Basic .NET Version (9.0) and runs on .Net Framework 3.5 and uses MS SQL server as its database.

Available plug-in modules include:

Payroll System(QPayroll)

For more information please inquire Qtech.


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